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To many Australians – well at least the 635 respondents surveyed for Roy Morgan’s annual Image of Professions Survey –  Trust and Truth are two words that are not commonly associated with our industry.

This year, ‘trust’ in our industry measured its lowest in the history of the Survey.

And its not just our industry that has seen the level of trust and truth eroded in this new era of “fake news” and “post-truth”. Trust and truth are collapsing in many parts of our lives.

For me, the fact that trust and truth in society are declining is of great concern and something we all need to make an effort to turn around.

The importance of Trust

Personally, trust is paramount to me and my relationships. Professionally, trust has been critical to oOh!media’s success.

At oOh! we are always looking at how we can improve, build and maintain trust with advertisers, agencies and a whole range of other stakeholders including property owners, shareholders and our people.

We know that to build trust with our stakeholders we need to deliver real promises, backed up by real products and real actions.

For advertisers we have developed more rigorous measures, to help them analyse and maximise their advertising investment and provide real-time verification of campaign delivery.

Delivering rigour in reach

Our commitment to measurement spans back to the 1990s, when we developed the first ever audience measurement solution for Out Of Home media, ROAM.

We have also actively contributed to developing the industry’s MOVE audience measurement tool, that reports on active audience Likelihood to see. To supplement this, we also invested in developing CRAFT, an audience measurement and profiling tool for retail media.

Delivering value through insights

Through our partnership with Quantium, we have created a national methodology that links those exposed to oOh!’s Out Of Home assets with Quantium’s anonymous transactional data.

This enables us to help advertisers build media plans that better identify and target transaction-based buying audiences for specific advertisers. Utilising Quantium’s transactional data helped us increase Mondelez target audience reach by more than 15%, by selecting the most appropriate out-of-home assets to suit their desired audience.

Real-time verification

In partnering with Seedoh, we can now provide clients with real-time proof of their Classic and Digital Out-Of-Home campaign delivery.

In a world where accountability and transparency are critical, Seedooh is a welcome solution and one we hope becomes an industry standard for reporting going forward.

A Last word

These actions are all based on building and maintaining trust. From my dealings with many in the industry, I know most see trust and truth as paramount.

So, I do think the public perception highlighted by the Image of Professions Survey is extremely harsh.

Maybe the perceptions that rates trust and truth in our industry just above that of car sales, is based on Hollywood’s characterisation of many advertising executives – those who will do whatever it takes to turn a dollar.

Or maybe it is just “Fake News”.